Friday, August 3rd 2012: BBQ And Bands Benefit for A Global Friendship

We’re hosting a benefit!

A Global Friendship is a young, dynamic, and environmentally conscious not-for-profit that works to improve the standard of living in developing regions,” currently in “Thailand, Indonesia, and Peru,” says their website.  “We search the world for hardworking artists or groups of artists yearning for a way to transform their creativity into a better life. We then assess the specific factors holding them back and work with them individually to address those needs.”

Basically they find struggling artisans and artists in developing countries and set them up with distribution networks and resources they need to succeed at what they’re already doing.  Pretty cool, right?  So we’re holding a benefit tonight at The Grand Victory to help them do that.  Barbecue is starting up by around 5:00 PM in the back yard, and all proceeds go to AGF.  The grill will be tended by BBQ genius Alex Beard (at least until his band, Autumn Bells, hits the stage).  Here’s the bands that are playing tonight.

  • The Party Animals are a crazy and funny garage rock band that have been defunct for some time and are reuniting to bring us a one-of-a-kind performance for tonight’s benefit.
  • Melissa Li & The Barely Theirs is a Brooklyn-based power-pop collective known for their infectious anthems, driving bass lines, and lyrics both earnest and charged. Influences range from the catchy pull of pop to the sparse authenticity of folk, with sweeping, explorative guitar solos gracefully tethered by large, controlled vocals.”  Melissa will be playing sans band for us tonight.  Listen here.
  • Brooklyn chanteuse Kate McGuire will be joining her friend Dan tonight as Kate and Dan.  It’s reported they’ll be doing a combination of bluesy things and some Beatles covers.  Listen here.
  • Chase King is one of the singers and songwriters in Brooklyn’s Slow Country, one of our favorite NYC bands.  He’ll be playing tonight backed by a few of Slow Country’s members.  This is a place where Mojave 3 meets The Clientele, and all vocals are languid and verbed-out.  Perfect for a drive through the countryside on a rainy day when the last thing you want to think about is your destination.  Listen here.
  • Autumn Bells is a newer band, fronted by ex-Hula drummer Alex Beard and featuring some of NYC’s best indie veterans.  Autumn Bells would like you remain quiet as they play, please, or else you’ll miss the gorgeous subtlety of what they’re doing.  There’s only drums when they’re absolutely needed, and if a song doesn’t need to reach a climax then it doesn’t need to reach a climax.  There’s a meloncholic country twang injected into Beard’s previous band’s reinterpretation of Bedhead.  They have no site up yet, so just trust us— it’s gorgeous.

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