Friday, January 25th 2013: 7PM-Big Bad Oven // 11PM-Finger Lickin’ Friday

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  • Big Bad Oven:  Three-piece from Knoxville made up of lap steel, sax and trap set.  “In the middle of a wild storm the calming sooth of a stomach with burns and booze will a brain be settled.  —old bbo past time.  Band Interests:  Shaking butts.  Artists We Also Like:  Jackson Pollock.  Influences: Sun Ra, Waylon Jennings.”  Listen here.
  • The Luxurious Faux Furs:  The Luxurious Faux Furs share your history. They are a psychic projection of your desires and doubts.  It is so, whether you like it or not; whether they like it or not.  As you stand on the precipice, on the sneering lip of the void, attempting impassivity, and your feet itch, and the buzzards are up there so high that they look like ants circling on blue tile (though that makes no sense—it’s inverted—a vertiginous reversal—c’mon kid, keep it together!), (quit looking up, and don’t look down!), and you teeter, and as you teeter, and the wind puts sand in your mouth, that sound you hear is neither your heart nor the buzzards (both of which are much too far away); no, it’s the Luxurious Faux Furs.  Shhhhhhhhh.”  Listen here.
  • Citizen Blast Kane:  “Amerika Bambaataa, and Rick More Anus losed there jobs at both the video arcade, and video rental booth respectively. For a while nothing change. Then after months of studyin film Jungle Virgin Force and consuming mass quantities of flavor drink, double decker cheeseburgers, and delicious meat pies Citizen Blast Kane emerges.  Rick More Anus learned to play the long piece of wood with a hole in it by watching Frank Stallone, and Steven Seagull do it first.  Amerika Bambaataa took to studying mannerisms from early Corey Haim films, embracing all thats Haim for money and profit and which it stands.  The rest is future historical book reading for pleasure. 2012 is good for you not for me” (sic).  Listen here.
  • Lex Loser:  “To put it mildly Lex Loser, well, he just ain’t right. A can or two short of a six-pack, but with enough ego to choke a hipster, Lex is emblematic of most things wrong with the world today. But he never claimed to be good…”  Listen here.

11PM TONIGHT (no cover):

Finger Lickin’ Fridays presents tonight’s Finger Lickin’ Friday:

“We’re back! With lots of new records, too!

“You know the drill: lots of sick-turd-tunes and too much boozin’.
Don’t be a dink, come lick the stinky pink.

“This month’s prizes are a masturbating tranny toy, xxx bear calendar with a big ol’ ding dong on every page, a $25 gift certificate to Metropolis, and one last very mysterious prize!”



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