Friday, May 18th 2012: Schaffer the Darklord

Live nerdcore hip hop show then a free ’80s goth / New Wave DJ party?  Why not.  Let’s do that tonight.


  • According to his website: Schaffer the Darklord (or STD) is a New York City-based rapper and comedian with material best-suited for brainy and/or drug-addled audiences. With manic energy, verbose vocabulary and cartoonishly commanding stage presence, STD skewers such topics as religious zombies, sci-fi sex fantasies, grammar snobbery and obsessive cat-enthusiasts.”  We know this sounds like it could be either awful or awesome.  Trust us.  This is awesome.  Seriously.  Listen here.
  • Adam WarRock is a “Memphis-based rapper and internet sensation with a seamless blend of independent hip hop and pop cultural sensibility. In the words of the biggest figures on and off the web, Adam WarRock is ‘not just internet good; he’s goddamn brilliant.’” (from Schaffer the Darklord’s website)  This is more straight-ahead hip hop than STD, without proud nerdiness or tongue-in-cheek.  Listen  here.
  • Mikal kHill gives us the following perfunctory description of himself on his Facebook page:  “Founder of the ThoughtCriminals.  Co-creator of the Browncoats Mixtape & Slytherin House Mixtape with Adam WarRock.  Reader’s Digest “Producer of the Year” 2011.  kHing kHoopa, the Dragonborn MC.”  kHill gives delivers his rhymes with a monotone style that makes us miss hip hop of the late ’90s.  Listen here.

LATE NIGHT (no cover):

A Night Of Banshees!  Christian Serramalera brings us this “monthly party featuring the best of Siouxsie And The Banshees and The Creatures…. Guest DJs and all the best of New Wave, Goth, Industrial, No Wave.”



  • This month’s Night Of Banshees features a live performance from Le Sphinxx.  These dance-beat goth freaks weave together four-on-the-floor trance beats with effects-drenched dark New Wave, like an electronic My Bloody Valentine was eaten alive by a broken drum machine which was then lulled to sleep by the voice of Cranes’ Alison Shaw.  Listen here.

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