Friday, October 19th 2012: Wild Yaks (CMJ)

Tonight’s CMJ showcase is brought to you by Ernest Jenning Record Co.

7PM TONIGHT ($10):

  • Wild Yaks have been described as “a roman candle of a band” by the New York Times, “one of those cult bands that people either know and love, or don’t know at all” by Fader, and “Brooklyn’s drunk folk-punk icons” by The Deli Magazine.  Time Out says, “The Yaks are a punk band at heart.  They place passion before posturing, and that’s why their set was easily the realest thing I’ve seen in several years of CMJ.” Listen here.
  • Dinosaur Feathers, from their bio: “Dinosaur Feathers has metamorphosed through various incarnations: Solo bedroom pop project, dance party karaoke machine, and— most recently— rock band.  With Whistle Tips, the Brooklyn-based quartet flee from the tropics of their debut, 2010′s Fantasy Memorial, and push themselves into hitherto unexplored / ultimately rewarding new territories. Once tethered to a drum machine, the addition of live drums provides newfound forcefulness and flexibility; where acoustic guitars once engendered laid-back vibes and folky misnomers, electric tones crunch with occasionally noisy outbursts.”  Listen here.
  • Takka Takka: The New York Times says, “Minimalism and math-rock, Africa and Indonesia, funk and folk and psychedelia, often over beats that sound like rock anthems burnished smooth by the notes pelting above… Despite some earthbound moments most of the music is rock as meditation, with orderly repetition trying to keep the deepest fears at bay.”  Listen here.
  • MiniBoone: The Village Voice says, “The band mixes the dervish energy of ‘78-era post-punk with the super-hooks of modern indie-pop—think Buildings And Food-era Talking Heads if David Byrne could travel back in time and tell himself about Arcade Fire.” Listen here.

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