Friday, October 26th 2012: 7PM-Fireworks Factory // 11PM-Finger Lickin’ Fridays


  • Fireworks Factory: Think Fennesz, The Microphones and The Books join forces to make the intelligent version of that over-produced homogenous crap you hear on the radio these days.  It’s entirely electronic, eternally infectious, and the vocal is bright like digital candy.  The difference is you’ll like the lyrics, there’s no recycled house beat from 1993, and it’s good.  Really really good.  Listen here.
  • ManMadeWest is an intersection of Dan Abraham and Courtesy Tier, both projects fronted by songwriter Omer Leibovitz.  What’s the difference?  Courtesy Tier is a two-piece with a full drum kit.  Dan Abraham is a solo act with no drums.  ManMadeWest is Omer with friends and a drum machine.  Listen here and here.

DJ crew Mondo Boys will be manning the ones and twos before and in between bands.  Listen here.

11PM TONIGHT (no cover):

This Finger Lickin’ Friday is a special one for two reasons. One being the obvious, Halloween is around the corner so of of course we’re playing up on the seasonal mumbo jumbo. So that being said instead of buying a pinata this time around we hand built a coffin to hack away at in order to earn your prizes! (You bastards better appreciate it! That damn thing took a long time to make!)

JUST ANNOUNCED: There will be a costume contest judged at 2:30 AM with three winners.  Each gets a $50 gift certificate to The Grand Victory!

Now for the non-obvious reason. THE JIGGLERS 7″ RELEASE PARTY! The newest release on Killer Diller Records! Hence the temporary name change. Its quite a delightful slab o’ wax that you will be able to purchase at Grand Victory! Buy one for yourself and maybe a copy for that whore you’ve been sleeping with the past couple of days that made your dick itch. Buy a copy for your Mom! Buy a copy for your dead uncle! Just buy them all god dammit!

11:00PM – The Neighbors
11:30PM – The Jigglers

Also, as a final note I’d like to add that this show is also FREE! Plus Drew & Charles will be DJing as always while the lovely Brooklyn Babydoll jiggles ‘n’ wiggles to our bodacious beats! We’ll be spinning our usual mix of garage, soul, r&b, and rockabilly but of course throwing some “spooky” shit in there as well to keep you in the Halloween spirit.

This months prizes are going to be:

1) The NEW Jigglers 45
2) Round Robin – I’m the wolf man 7″
3) $25 gift certificate to Metropolis Vintage
4) ??????????

In order to win you must find one of four syringes inside the coffin. Coffin smashing time will be approximately 1:30AM!

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