Friday, September 28th 2012: 11PM-Finger Lickin’ Friday

11PM TONIGHT (no cover):

Come join us this Friday at Grand Victory for a night of rad tunes and bad ‘tudes.
We’ve got Drew and Charles on ye olde turntables, Brooklyn Baby Doll shakin’ her thing, free “mystery booze” to be passed around, free records, and more surprises!
Free entry! Starts at 11:00! BE THERE! This month we will be providing you all with somewhat of a drinking game. When the entire bottle of mystery booze is completed we will be smashing the piñata into tiny little pieces. Inside the piñata there will be delicious candy you can bait five year old boys with and abduct them. There will also be FOUR ping pong balls inside. Each ping pong ball signifies a prize that we will be giving away.

Those prizes being:

Free Killer Diller records
The Wild-Tones – Shut ups(Las Vegas Grind) 7″
Screwdriver LP

Show up ‘n’ throw up!

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