Monday, August 27th 2012: The Kings of Karaoke

10:00 PM — The Kings of Karaoke (no cover):

The Kings Of Karaoke are the dominant force behind Brooklyn’s sing-along scene,” says Brooklyn Exposed, calling them the “monarchs of music murder land.”  New York Magazine named them the best karaoke “For a Party Thrown by Guys So Good at Throwing Karaoke Parties They Do It Every Day.”  And that’s just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to accolades and awards this karaoke troupe has amassed.

If you think it’s silly for karaoke hosts to garner so much attention, then you clearly don’t take your karaoke seriously enough.  Luckily there’s a cure for that, and it’s every Monday at 10:00 PM at The Grand Victory for the low low price of FREE.


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