Monday, December 17th 2012: 8PM-DTF Free Comedy // 11PM-DJ iSOL8ED

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8PM TONIGHT (no cover):

From Erin Lennox:  Christmass is here! And to celebrate, we have a very special Jew-free edition of DTF planned for everyone who is going to heaven.  Okay there are several Jews on the show but they’re all sort of blond so they probably would have survived.  Come see if you can pick them out!

In honor of Jesus we bring you the following human gifts:

  • JORDAN CARLOS (MTV, I Just Want My Pants Back, Comedy Central, Colbert): “A product of a Huxtable-like upbringing, Jordan Carlos is a Brooklyn-based stand up comic brought up on the mean streets of suburban North Dallas where he was the only black kid in class and at all the Bar Mitzvahs.  He’s appeared most notably as Stephen Colbert’s black friend ‘Alan’ on the Colbert Report, and performed his stand up on Comedy Central’s ‘Live at Gotham,’ The Montreal ‘Just for Laughs’ Comedy, and various New York Comedy Festivals.”
  • SEAN O’CONNOR (Conan (x2), MTV, VH1, Comedy Central, Norm MacDonald’s Sports Show, Shaq’s whatever show): “Sean O’Connor is an LA-based stand up comedian.  He was a New Face in 2011 at the Montreal Just For Laughs Comedy Festival, he has appeared on Conan twice, he has been featured on Vh1 and MTV.  Not just a stand up, Sean has also written for a variety of television shows/award shows including MTV’s Video Music Awards, The Sports Show with Norm Macdonald, Upload with Shaquille O’Neal and upcoming The Ben Show on Comedy Central.”
  • ALICE WETTERLUND (MTV, Comedy Central, UCB): “For 3 years and counting, Alice ‘Pretty-in-a-Not-Shitty-Way’ Wetterlund has performed her non-yelling brand of comedy all over, at such clubs as Comix and Broadway Comedy Club, UCBNY and San Francisco’s Punchline, and on such critically-acclaimed shows as College Humor Live, Big Terrific, and Tigerlily, as well as at Bridgetown and Women in Comedy Festivals.  She’s appeared in numerous sketches for shows like ‘Meatsteak is Dead’ at Webster Hall, ‘Mad Men Jumps the Shark’ for Landline TV, and the web series ‘It Gets Betterish’ from Eliot Glazer and Brent Sullivan. She’s also starred in TV commercials for AT&T, Budweiser, BMW and Maxwell House, because she’s a real artist! She’s written for Slate Magazine and Night Of The Living with Kurth Braunholer, and the rest of the time she was caring for her special-needs cat, Sparkles (R.I.P.)”
  • JACQUELINE NOVAK ( “Jacqueline Novak is sweet, but doesn’t pull any punches.  Ricky Van Veen, sums it up best. ‘Saying she’s a funny female comic is like saying Kobe Bryant is a good black basketball player.  Simply put, Jacqueline kills.’  Since graduating from Georgetown in ’04, Jacqueline has been living and performing in New York, where according to Todd Barry, ‘she’s created quite a stir.’  It was back at Georgetown that she got her start when the DC Improv hosted the District’s Funniest College Contest. Hoards of comics from ten area colleges participated, but it was Jacqueline who walked away with the 2nd place title.  In 2006, she returned to her alma mater to open for Mike Birbiglia on his Comedy Central MEDIUM MAN ON CAMPUS tour.  ‘I find myself quoting her jokes to my friends…any college would be glad to have booked her,’ says Birbiglia, who calls Jacqueline ‘one of the next great stars in comedy.’  You may also have seen her on Christian Finnegan’s Comedy Central College Tour in 2007.”
  • CHRIS DISTEFANO (MTV, Comedy Central, Comics to Watch): “Described as a ‘high energy’ comic, Chris Distefano acts out different characters that you probably don’t know and makes you sit on the edge of your seat wanting to say ‘Who the hell is that he’s talking about?’  Chris has worked in various comedy clubs across New York City, not limited to but including: Gotham Comedy Club, Broadway Comedy Club, and the Laugh Lounge.  Chris still lives in Queens, NY with his Mom (punch line).  Chris has a Bachelors degree in Psychology to impress his mom’s friends, and a Doctorate in Physical Therapy to impress his Mom’s friends’ Moms. When he’s not making witty punch lines or acting out his various characters on stage you can find him stretching people’s hamstrings and getting yelled at to clean his room.”
  • LADY RIZO (Edinburgh, Joe’s Pub Resident, Worldwide Touring Songstress): “Though it is rumored that she is the product of a night of unrestrained indulgence between Peggy Lee, Mel Brooks, Nina Simone, Dean Martin and Janis Joplin the truth is Lady Rizo was raised by theatrical gypsies with the highest show business ethics.  When she almost looked of age she rebelled against the comforting, unscrubbed, rustic life and set out for a world of harsh metropolitan sophisticates.  A proud recipient of the New York Foundation for the Arts fellowship in 2010, she has performed her sold out show monthly at Joe’s Pub since 2009 and has been commissioned for a full length piece by the Public Theater that will premiere as part of the New York Voices series in November 2011.”
  • Co-host Nick Maritato: “Nick crushes planets with his crippling death-light (totally awesome).”
  • Host Erin Lennox: “Erin Lennox is a nice girl and a writer / comedian based in Brooklyn, NY.  She is originally from Chapel Hill, NC and has been in 3 bar fights.    Since starting stand up in 2010, Erin has performed at the Bridgetown Comedy Festival, the Women in Comedy Festival, the Cape Fear Comedy Festival, the Out of Bounds Comedy Festival, and at an impromptu roast of her grandfather.”

11PM TONIGHT (no cover):

From DJ ISOL8ED: “Ok ok yeah, I said I’d never do it [DJ] again…meh…I LIED—Hey, bills gotta get paid right? So I’m hitting the Brooklyn streets for ONE NIGHT ONLY, getting my hustle on and doing a little METAL MUSIC ONLY! Making the Williamsburg Brooklyn Hasids wish they left town for the night!

Come to The Grand Victory, with your liver READY for a full on redneck stomp assault and get your metal on! I’ll be headbanging all night. Come throw your fist in the air, drink like YOU were hanging out with Pantera back in the day, tip that bar hard, and let’s pit like it is nobodies business!

Like I said, this is ONE NIGHT ONLY, so I’m either going to fuck it up or YOU ARE going to fuck the place up (figuratively)! Let’s bank on the latter ;-)

Got some music of yours that you want played!? Hit me up with your MP3s! info (@)”

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