Monday, September 10th 2012: 7PM-Dan Abraham // 11PM-The Kings of Karaoke

TONIGHT’S SHOW (no cover):

The following artists will all appear tonight, but we’re not telling you in what order.  You just have to show up and watch the whole thing.

  • Dan Abraham (the solo adventures of Courtesy Tier‘s Omer Leibovitz) isn’t simply a stripped down version of its louder project.  Stripped down, yes.  But these songs venture into new territories, wherein Leibovitz’s voice at times calls to mind The Walkmen’s Hamilton Leithauser or The National’s Matt Berninger and the instrumentation is unsettling at best.  Listen here.
  • J. Wise (aka Josh Wise, aka Above Ground Episodes) will play a solo set of sparse, reverb-drenched desert nighttime tunes.  We recommend checking out this video of a solo set he played in Hudson, NY.  It’s the same kind of moody introspective ballads you’d expect from Songs: Ohia’s Jason Molina, but with atmospheric elements and a solid rock and roll sensibility, and shades of Nebraska or Chris Isaak.  Listen here.
  • Oceanographer‘s Jeremy Yocum and solo tonight, playing mostly covers and a few originals.  Metromix New York says of the band, “Deftly bridging the gap between the lovely French electronic movements of Air and the touching classic American soft rock of a Gerry Rafferty or Michael Murphey— all the while including the subtle rancor found within the products of such otherwise grandiose bands as Coldplay and U2.”  Listen here.
  • Gabriel Berezin of Monuments describes his music as “solo space rock – electric guitars, drones, loops, and a voice.”  This is accurate.  All by himself, he weaves together a tapestry of soundscapes then sails his Buckley-esque vocals across them into murky unexplored regions of his own making.  Listen here.

11:00 PM — The Kings of Karaoke (no cover):

The Kings Of Karaoke are the dominant force behind Brooklyn’s sing-along scene,” says Brooklyn Exposed, calling them the “monarchs of music murder land.”  New York Magazine named them the best karaoke “For a Party Thrown by Guys So Good at Throwing Karaoke Parties They Do It Every Day.”  And that’s just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to accolades and awards this karaoke troupe has amassed.

If you think it’s silly for karaoke hosts to garner so much attention, then you clearly don’t take your karaoke seriously enough.  Luckily there’s a cure for that, and it’s every Monday at 10:00 PM at The Grand Victory for the low low price of FREE.

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