Monday, September 3rd 2012: Dan Abraham (September Residency)

Happy Labor Day!

If you didn’t come by for yesterday’s BBQ, swing by tonight— we’ll keep the grill going from 7PM until everyone’s full, and we’ve got a free mellow indie rock solo show tonight:

TONIGHT’S SHOW (no cover):

  • Dan Abraham (the solo adventures of Courtesy Tier‘s Omer Leibovitz) isn’t simply a stripped down version of its louder project.  Stripped down, yes.  But these songs venture into new territories, wherein Leibovitz’s voice at times calls to mind The Walkmen’s Hamilton Leithauser or The National’s Matt Berninger and the instrumentation is unsettling at best.  Listen here.
  • J. Randolph of Self Help will appear live tonight.  We’re unsure what this means.  J. Randolph isn’t even listed as a band member on Self Help’s web page.  Listen here to the full band and comfort yourself with the knowledge that it’s impossible to extrapolate from that what tonight’s show may sound like.
  • Fireworks Factory‘s Spencer LaVallee will kick things off tonight.  Think Fennesz, The Microphones and The Books join forces to make the intelligent version of that over-produced homogenous crap you hear on the radio these days.  It’s entirely electronic, eternally infectious, and the vocal is bright like digital candy.  The difference is you’ll like the lyrics, there’s no recycled house beat from 1993, and it’s good.  Really really good.  Listen here.

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