Saturday, April 27th 2013: CAVESTOMP! with Lyres / Woggles / The Jay Vons / Satin Kittens / Thee Mighty Fevers / DJ Tony Lo-Fi & Anna Anabolic

9PM TONIGHT ($12):

  • 12:30AM-The Woggles:  “For two decades, The Woggles have marched forth from Georgia like Sherman in reverse, leveling nightclubs with their hip-shaking, windshield-steaming garage rock fusillade” (Austin Chronicle).  From songs that shake the rafters to shows that make for “a dance party rave-up that could melt Dick Clark’s face off” (Village Voice), the Woggles are a four-man delivery system for 200-proof, nitro-fueled rock’n’roll.  Listen here.
  • 11:15PM-Lyres:  “Few bands in Boston rock & roll history have lasted as long, and made as much good music, as Lyres.  Led by garage rock obsessive, record collector, VOX organ king, and world-class megalomaniac Jeff ‘Monoman’ Conolly, Lyres rose from the ashes of Conolly’s first band, DMZ.  Sporting a similar high-energy trash-rock sound indebted to the Seeds, ? & the Mysterians, the Stooges, and the early British Invasion (especially early Kinks).  As long as Jeff Conolly has his organ, a few guys behind him, and a place to play, the simple joy that can only be had through rock & roll will exist in this world!”  Listen here.
  • 10:15PM-The Jay Vons:  “Brothers and Sisters, witness the garage punk seared soul of The Jay Vons. If Felix Cavalieri and Wilson Pickett had been in a band together, this would’ve been it!  Featuring members of Reigning Sound, Naomi Shelton & the Gospel Queens, and Robbers on High Street.”  Listen here.
  • 9:30PM-Satin Kittens:  “Satin Kittens do some seriously ear-splitting amp feedback—fingernails on chalkboard stuff. A mix of garage and new wave styles but made unique and individualized. This stripped down duo (Jane Elizabeth and Dianna Maneksha) switch off on guitars and keyboards and generate a hell of a racket from minimal instrumentation. And that’s a GOOD thing.”  Listen here.
  • 1:45AM-Thee Mighty Fevers:  “The Fevers, formed in Kobe in 2010.  Fully fledged musicians creating sounds to get the blood pumping.  Simple, fast, Rock’n’Roll.  Endless freedom.  Hope the kids all over the world will listen to our rumble.”  Listen here.

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