Saturday, August 25th 2012: Runny

  • Runny singer Lemon Cookie is a personal friend of ours, and we’re going to risk raising his ire by describing his band as a cross between Anal Cunt, Bloodhound Gang and the B-52s.  They are, after all, self-described as “Brooklyn’s best hardcore band.”  And they deliver such sage advice as “It’s the third dick you suck that makes you gay.”  Listen here.
  • Self-described “post-pre-pre-post punk” duo The Whores pack quite a punch into a two-piece.  It’s noisy punk rock with confusing rhythms and shifting key signatures, something like Dead Kennedys meets Mudhoney with a dash of singing mental patients.  But played by two people.  We gotta mention that both filthy whores of The Whores are also members of Runny.  Listen here.

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