Saturday, February 23rd 2013: 7PM-Your Skull My Closet // 11PM-Soul A G0-G0

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  • Your Skull:  “These are musicians who grew up on a fusion of the SST back catalog and 1980’s Trans Am hair metal before belatedly discovering the delicious pop stylings of Bananramma and Yaz in the late 2000s. Thus YSMC’s avant sound is a cantankerous, circuitous tour through anglo-rock’s recent history.  Recorded in a Brooklyn loft-space and mixed in Detroit, Let’s Get Acquainted is their first offering to the audiophile/audio-phallic cosmos.”  Listen here.
  • Appomattox:  “Appomattox is no moderate band.  One of the best live bands in town, they are a welcome change from the usually passive temperament of contemporary rock.  This band has found a way to stand out amongst Brooklyn’s crowded backdrop by turning the form on its head and back to its roots as a counter-cultural force for change” (Mike Levine, The Deli Magazine).  Listen here.
  • Descender:  “… Descender sound a lot like a 21st Century compliant post-hardcore band that was raised on metal and got dosed with a tab of AmRep… If you like Planes Mistaken For Stars or Git Some as much as you do Quicksand, And So We Marched could be your aural trip to a brand new set of front teeth” (Jaded Scenester).  Listen here.
  • Desert Sharks:  It’s hard to listen to all-girl outfit Desert Sharks without thinking of the usual girl-rock go-tos like Joan Jett or The Donnas.  That, and dorsal fins protruding from sand dunes.  Let’s put that out of mind for a moment, and just recognize the Sharks for their worthwhile contribution to the world of solid, hook-laden rock and roll.  Listen here.

11PM TONIGHT (no cover):

Join DJ Jumpy & Connie “The Empress Of Soul” for a twisting night of Soul and R & B 45′s!

“It is amazing to be welcoming Connie the Empress of Soul to guest DJ with me!  She jump-started the soul revival in NYC with the Empire State Soul Club many years ago.  Expect all ‘60s soul 45s, good sound system, friendly staff, clean restrooms and possibly a drink special!  We spin from 11PM-4AM, free after the band.  Extra added attraction: a rare screening of the 1930s serial THE SPIDER’S WEB.  It’s one of the best ever made!”

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