Sunday, October 7th 2012: 3PM-Moonset Juice // 8PM-Golden Bones

3PM TODAY (no cover):

  • Moonset Juice will be premiering their new music video this afternoon with an accompanying live set.  From their bio:  “Moonset Juice formed in Venice, Italy in 2011. The duo consists of Italian guitarist/producer Miki Manzo and Brooklyn’s Bruce Gladstones on lyrics and co-production. Musically, it’s a synthesis of analog and digital instrumentation layered with soulful vocal stylings. Their forthcoming album ‘Sweat & Slumber’ is a collection of frisky odes to love, lust and romance. Funky, futuristic and classic all at once.”    Listen here.

8PM TONIGHT (no cover):

  • Golden Bones would have been called “New Country” in the ’70s, placed alongside Gram Parsons and Townes Van Zandt.  They’d have been lumped in with the Jayhawks as Americana in the ’80s.  And in the ’90s they’d have fallen in with Uncle Tupelo or the Old 97s as Alt Country.  We just call it good music.  These are melancholy rainy afternoon songs with a swing and a banjo, sung not with an affected fake drawl but instead with their own natural God-given voices.  Listen here.
  • Wailin’ Storms should write the soundtrack for a mid-budget independent film featuring astronauts stranded in the wild wild west because of a rift in space and time.  With lots of scorpions and living on the lam.  They’ve got just the right amount of reverb, loneliness, empty space and lostness.  Plus we’d like to watch a flick like that.  Perfect for fans of Sergio Leone and Black Heart Procession.  Listen here.

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