Sunday, August 19th 2012: Reggie’s Diamond Grills feat. Hyemen & Metalfunkel

TONIGHT (no cover):

Reggie’s Cunningham will fire up the grill at 3:00 PM, serving up jalapeno cheddar burgers and more.  Don’t let summer slip away without tasting some of his dirty south barbecue!

At some point in the evening Brooklyn’s favorite (maybe only?) folk-metal outfit Hyemen & Metalfunkel will take to the stage to lull you into a deeper daze of food coma with their gentle renditions of heavy metal hits.

  • Hyemen & Metalfunkel are Sean R. Ferguson and Andy Wagstaff, playing folk versions of all your metal and hard rock favorites, from Motörhead to Judas Priest.  They really can pull off the gentle spot-on vocal harmonies of Simon and Garfunkel.  This is equal parts soothing and hilarious.  LIsten here.



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