Sunday, August 26th 2012: Radkey

  • Radkey are three teenagers from Saint Joseph, Missouri who rock harder than most of us ever will.  And they’re brothers, to boot.  So while the rest of us are still scraping by under the table to pay for our little city rehearsal spaces well into our thirties, these guys are already living out the dreams that started us down this road in the first place.  Their sound is almost a ’90s take on Misfits and The Ramones.  They do it well.  Listen here.
  • The New Yorker says of Freshkills, “Taking its name from the vast old landfill in Staten Island, Freshkills, appropriately enough, injects a degree of trash rock into its post-punk hybrid. The band’s painstakingly constructed hooks put them at the top of the heap.” Vice Magazine says, “I love this band because they remind me of the way I thought of New York before I lived here. It’s hard-hitting and infectious, but the frantic desperation is always palpable. It’s dark in that way.” Listen here.

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