Sunday, August 5th 2012: Sean Kershaw + BAR BraWLS & Boooooty CaLLzzzzzz

8:00 PM:

  • Sean Kershaw has just returned from Alaska, and he’s making his first appearance back in the lower 48 at The Grand Victory!  Sean Kershaw and the Terrible Two are “a classic honkytonk-rockabilly-swing trio performing originals and covers, specializing in low-volume brunch and happy hour gigs and private parties, but fully capable of rockin’ out and blowing the roof off the joint when called upon to do so.”  Listen here.


BackSpace Performance Ensemble is presenting a special performance for Whiskey Dixie’s birthday (that’s our own bartender Amy Campbell, FYI).  From the event page:

whiskey dixie was born
we will celebrate it
performances of the following nature

hosted by—

august 5th
shows after 12
sex after 3
drinking all night
no cover
no ruleZZZ
no pants necessary

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