Sunday, December 30th 2012: I Am The Avalanche, Money/Paper/Hearts, Sad And French

7PM TONIGHT ($15):

  • I Am The Avalanche:  “A second-generation post-hardcore act, I Am the Avalanche features members of several earlier emo and screamo outfits. Singer and songwriter Vinnie Caruana was the leader of the Movielife, guitarist Brandon Swanson was in Further Seems Forever, and bassist Kellen Robson is a former member of Scraps and Heart Attacks. Formed in Brooklyn by Caruana in 2004 after the Movielife broke up (and following an abortive stint with the nascent Head Automatica), I Am the Avalanche was — unsurprisingly, for an emo band — first inspired by a bad breakup. After writing a number of songs about the failed relationship, Caruana enlisted Swanson, Robson, second guitarist Michael Ireland, and drummer Brett “Ratt” Romnes to perform them, taking the band name from a line in one of those songs. (In the band’s official bio, Caruana claims no prior knowledge of the fact that “I am the avalanche” is a key line in Stephen Dobyns’ autobiographical poem “Oh, Immobility, Death’s Vast Associate,” from his collection Pallbearers Envying the One Who Rides.) Signing with the indie label Drive-Thru Records in 2005, I Am the Avalanche debuted on half of a split CD single with their labelmates the Early November, previewing their debut album with two early demos. Produced by Barrett Jones (Foo Fighters), who also adds keyboards, I Am the Avalanche was released in September 2005.”  Listen here.
  • Money/Paper/Hearts:  “In the rapid and competitive New York City atmosphere, it’s hard to find a band who isn’t posturing, spending more time on hairstyles and photo shoots than at rehearsals, focusing on their image versus their music… Money/ Paper/ Hearts just want you to listen.  While raised on and influenced by punk and post-punk rock bands like the Clash, Jawbreaker, Superchunk, and Fugazi, MPH have taken their musical ambitions and churned out honest, raw and powerfully catchy music.  They do things to you.  But you have to give them time.  One listen isn’t enough. Enough to seep into your skin.  It might strike a nerve, but this band doesn’t feel like striking anything.  Only a full blown attack will do.”  Listen here.
  • Sad and French are not French.  As for the sad?  Well it’s lo-fi Americana folk.  This two-piece acoustic act can sound like a stripped down Two Gallants or even Jawbreaker when they’re ramping up, or a stripped down Bright Eyes when they’re not.  Either way, their hyperbolically heartbroken lyrics provide the perfect soundtrack for shooting whiskey, slamming beers and loudly proclaiming righteous indignation at anyone who’s ever mishandled your heart.  Listen here.

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