Sunday, September 9th 2012: Boogie Rock Boys


  • From their bio:  The Boogie Rock Boys are on a one-world mission, deftly fusing funk, rock, blues and reggae while acknowleding a wide variety of influences on top of all that. Their explosive sound is unmistakingly unique, and sure to have people raising their hands in the air, with their feet stomping on the ground.  Members of The Boogie Rock Boys have toured, recorded, or peformed with artists such as John Scofield, Vernon Reid, Sun Ra, Soulive, Clyde Stubblefield, Stanley Jordan, Galactic, Lettuce, and many more.”  Listen here.
  • Delano Grove‘s bio describes them thusly:  “Their melodically-driven, multi-instrumental, vocal-harmony infused music has the frenzy of a band nearly tearing itself apart with differing influences and creative rage, rescued by a great sense of song form, and a collective ear for the hook that makes you move.”  Listen here.

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