Thursday, February 14th 2013: The First Heartbreakers Ball


  • The Shivering Brigade:  “Rim a Collins glass with punk rock. Fill glass half full with ice. Season ice with cabaret, glam, swing, hardcore, whiteface, sharp objects and loose morals. Pour in gin. Top off with laudanum, leaving a half inch at the rim of the glass. Squeeze in broken heart and drop into glass. Garnish.”  Listen here.
  • Sidewalk Driver:  “The music of Sidewalk Driver is high energy, highly-infectious, hook-driven, Rock with a capital ‘R.’  The sound is modern but the heart of the band seems to be more in line with 1970s rock culture… the Bowies and the Belushis of the world… The songs always come with some odd bent but not one that repels; rather, they welcome you to join in the celebration like a carnival barker hyping a freak show.”  Listen here.
  • Strange Things Done In The Midnight Sun:  “Strange Things Done In The Midnight Sun is an unsigned, central-New Jersey based 4 piece who have as many musical influences as there are syllables in their name ranging from Joy Division to The Cramps to Klaus Nomi. Comprised of members of OS101, Don Juan Destroyer, and Casino Evil, they’ve been causing a ruckus within the New York City, NJ circuit for 6 plus years.”  Listen here.
  • Mindtroll:  Biography:  Mindtroll crept up from the Gowanus Canal in early 2010 and has since spent their time honing their inscrutable sound, which is not unlike the angriest children’s choir.  Band Interests:  Snack time, solving confusions, creating capital S Situations.”  Listen here.
  • Girlcrush:  “Girlcrush play queer pop-punk (love) songs about girls, and have been an actual ferreal band on and off since 2008 (and a smidgen of hope and collaboration since 2005).  They are all queer as f&#k water signs (believe it!) and their (a)political agenda involves holding hands.”  Listen here.



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