Thursday, February 21st 2013: Violent Bullshit / GANG / Gazillion / No TV Tonight


  • Violent Bullshit, on their BandCamp page, say “Jay was in Orchid and Panthers, Andy’s in Les Savy Fav, Dan was in Halfman and Black Army Jacket, Matt was in trouble, and Byron’s Jewish.”  Time Out New York says, “Brooklyn’s Violent Bullshit lives up to its name, churning out wild, dissonant hardcore that’s guaranteed to inspire drunken flailing.”  Vice Magazine calls it, simply, “fast screechy hardcore.”  Listen Here.
  • GANG:  “GANG is Amanda Damron and Jaclyn McGraw, with The Big Kids (Nicole McGraw and Tim Sonnefeld).  Amanda and Jaclyn provide the vocals, while the big kids administer the beats.  Whether you are listening to their EP ‘Guess What You’ll Find…’ or catching them live, take caution: you might find yourself trying out dangerous dance moves to a sound you’ve never heard before.  GANG blends rock and roll, hip-hop, club, dance, punk, and intergalactic madness straight from Pluto in such a way that you might say to yourself ‘Hey! I think this is my new favorite band!’” Listen here.
  • Gazillion is a solo appearance of Timo Ellis, singular frontman of local dark and arty bombast-rockers The Netherlands and newest member of Spacehog.  RS 476 has described him as “often intense, thoughtful, chaotic, muted, confrontational, withdrawn, mournful, exuberant, super precise, funny, deathly serious, harsh, ruminative, brutal.”  Listen here.
  • No TV Tonight:  “NYC’s No TV Tonight is a fantastic reminder of why I was drawn to melodic, dizzying rock and roll in the first place.  No TV blend genre lines like an MXPX/Bad Religion hybrid.  The melody is there but the edge is razor sharp.  Their debut EP, American Excess, is a welcomed burst of energy … Just three songs into their voyage and they come across as a weathered band used to slugging it out on the road 150 days a year.  The man in me wants to read a book after getting ready for tomorrow’s work day.  The punk kid wants to turn American Excess up and pull a no show in the morning” (Shiny Glass Houses).  Listen here.

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