Thursday, February 7th 2013: Hani Zahra / Gross Relations / 79.5 / Simotron

7PM TONIGHT (no cover):

  • Hani Zahra:  “Hani Zahra is a Brooklyn based five-piece band that blends electronic/synth sounds with rock and three-part harmonies. The self-titled EP is available online and the full length debut album Along Those Lines will be released in early 2013.”  Listen here.

  • Gross Relations:  “Heavily distorted and catchy as hell, don’t sleep on Brooklyn up-and-comers Gross Relations. This fearsome foursome is churning out some sick garage synth-pop that will get in your head and stay there…On Fuzzy Timelines, these dudes somehow manage to make “broken bones and a mutated spine” sound like the most fun you’ve ever had. The second track, “You Don’t Know Me” is simultaneously explosive and sweet, like watching fireworks while eating a popsicle. The timeline may be fuzzy, but the future looks bright for Brooklyn’s Gross Relations” (The Owl Magazine).  Listen here.
  • 79.5:  “Let me take you home, and slide into your pool. Get down nice and then hike at dawn through these mountains of romance.”  Sounds like John Digweed knocked up TLC and the resulting love child was birthed in a garage between a rusted hi-hat and an 808 drum machine.  Listen here.

  • Simotron:  “Simotron is a one-man electrofunk-supersonic-powerhouse (ESP) so now you know.”  Listen here.


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