Thursday, June 28th 2012: Demilitia

SPECIAL UPDATE:  Tonight’s show is 100% FREE for the ladies.  I repeat.  LADIES GET IN FREE.  $8 for the fellas.  Sorry, fellas.


  • Demilitia is an amalgamation of thrash, death metal and grind with a bluesy rock n’ roll touch,” says their ReverbNation bio.  Appropriately they sound like a mix of Slayer, Pantera and Napalm Death.  Their bio continues:  “Demilitia is a true collective of dedicated and passionate musicians with the sole mission of creating one of the most energetic and chaotic live experiences possible.”  Listen here.
  • If Prostitution were forced, on pain of death, to label their music, they’d call it “semi-technical blackened thrash,” according to their bio.  Unfortunately for the world, we can’t offer a more specific idea of their sound as their website only features one song.  It’s definitely got elements of black metal, death and grindcore.  Listen here.
  • We can’t tell you anything about what Headsnatcher sounds like because they don’t have any music we can find online.  We will tell you what their manager, Owen Burley, says about them:  “The band came in with a meaner and leaner lineup, being trimmed down to one guitarist, but sounded just as angry and visceral as ever. These guys just blasted through their set with break-neck speed while singer Matt Friese’s vocals made me fear for my life. The dude just has a scream that rips right through your heart (plus he kind of looks like a serial killer, ex-con when he’s screaming). These guys are just beasts plain and simple…”
  • Vincent Price is Right are metalheads with hardcore hearts, and punk rock work ethics from Queens.” says their bio.  We’d say it’s sort of like deathcore if most of the song were the breakdown, and the breakdown were like most of most deathcore songs.  Whatever that means.  Listen here.


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