Tuesday, February 19th 2013: Les Bicyclettes Blanche


  • Les Bicyclettes Blanches:  “Les Bicyclettes Blanches started in the summer of 2005 as a two piece: drums (Mackenzie Parker) and rythm guitar (Magnolia Santibanez) in a barn [in] upstate New York, blessed by native American Indians and Tibetan Monks.  It began as an adventure, a love of music, people and traveling the world.  They were soon joined by various artists like Venture Lift, Amanda Jo Williams, Paul McMahon, Sean Finnigan and more.”  Listen here.
  • Flesh don’t have a website, though they’ve got a Soundlcoud page.  We snapped this photo of them last time they played The Grand Victory.  They sound like a drugged-out combination of Spacemen 3 and The Jesus And Mary Chain, or Morphine with a tenor sax instead of a baritone.  And 66% of the band wears sunglasses on stage.  Listen here.

  • Of Cinema, Cinema, CMJ says, “Pounding two piece…created a musical melting pot of sonic soundscapes, avant-pop, and good old-fashioned rock songs…an atmospheric journey into the art of sound…filled to the brim with floor-trembling drums, sleazy guitars, and gut-wrenching vocals that garner fist-pumping status…overall vibe is dingy and dark, evoking imagery of a New York City back alley in the early 70′s.”  Listen here.

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