Tuesday, July 17th 2012: Museum Mouth


  • Museum Mouth operate with an “atmospheric haze and punky energy,” says Punknews.org in their review of the band’s album Sexy But Not Happy, adding that they “offer chiming guitars and loverlorn yelps.”  To us this sounds like a Luna and Braid got together to make a record in a snowed-in garage at the end of a quiet cul de sac at midnight.  Listen here.
  • Self-described indie / gypsy punk / garage rock outfit Koshka take weird percussion, world beats and gratuitous use of the minor harmonic scale then make from it some of the quirkiest pop tunes we’ve heard in awhile.  Picture belly dancers in a dimly lit room shrouded in the thick smoke of Turkish tobacco.  Listen here.
  • Sunlover is Grady Owens.  His songs bear a similar lyrical arc to those of Leonard Cohen, but his guitar sounds more like Nick Drake’s and his voice sounds more like Sufjan’s.  His minimal pairing of a single finger-picked guitar with voice still brings us back to Pink Moon, but his songs are shaded in with some of the same emotional hues found in Elliot Smith’s acoustic tracks.  A must listen for lovers of melancholia.  Listen here.


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