Tuesday, July 24th 2012: Nude Beach

  • Nude Beach is to be filed with Exploding Hearts, Tom Petty, and Bruce Springsteen, says SPIN Magazine, calling their latest album “a wheel-perfecting, hook-crammed romp.” They take power pop and rock and roll and do them both at the same time, and the main thing that distinguishes them from so many others in this genre is that they simply do it better than anyone else.  That’s right, we said it.  We mean it, too.  Listen here.
  • For Serious This Time are a handful of Long Islanders making epic guitar-jam indie pop.  They say they’re often compared to Built To Spill.  I could see that instrumentally, but the vocals sound like John Roderick of Long Winters, Bob Nanna of Braid and Phil Elvrum of The Microphones all taught FSTT’s frontman how to sing.  It’s simultaneously long and meandering while upbeat and catchy.  Listen here.
  • Self-described grunge rock / pop trio Giant Peach switch off girl / guy vocals, blaze through overdriven instrumental segues, whip back into a verse of pop then resolve feeling somehow upbeat— all at a near-breakneck pace.  Like Sebadoh meets Polvo with a chick occasionally singing.  Listen here.
  • Lo fi pop punk with a shrieking hysterical maniac covering the lead vocals.  That goes a long way to explaining the sound of Haircut, and let us tell you: it is magical.  Listen here.


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