Tuesday, July 31st 2012: Sad & French w/ Patrick Salt Ryan present “Folk / Punk Night” at TGV

TONIGHT’S SHOW (no cover):

  • Sad and French are not French.  As for the sad?  Well they’re lo-fi Americana folk.  This two-piece acoustic act can sound like a stripped down Two Gallants or even Jawbreaker when they’re ramping up, or a stripped down Bright Eyes when they’re not.  Either way, their hyperbolically heartbroken lyrics provide the perfect soundtrack for shooting whiskey, slamming beers and loudly proclaiming righteous indignation at anyone who’s ever mishandled your heart.  Listen here.
  • Iron Fist Jon Moore, frontman of Money Paper Hearts, will play all by his lonesome tonight.  The band’s bio describes them thusly:  “MPH’s lyrics are heartfelt and at times rather cryptic; the songs are filled with angular guitar riffs, constant percussion, unadulterated lead vocals and old-school shouting harmonies.”  We think they sound like Alkaline Trio.  While we have no idea what Jon will be doing on his own tonight, we can make a pretty good guess— and you can too, after listening here.
  • Spirit Houses is the side project brought to us by Mike Ireland, of I Am The Avalanche.  His scratchy, earnest vocals carry sensitive lyrics— sometimes with a shout, sometimes a croon.  These are lo-fi recordings with layers and layers of vocal tracks, and it’s not hard to imagine them translating to the stage just perfectly.  Listen here.
  • Tonight’s host Patrick Salt Ryan is a troubled troubadour, howling boozed-up ballads all alone from a big stage.  These are slow but catchy melodies carrying words so depressed you can’t tell if he’s joking or not.  It’s like if Evan Dando was a drunk, not a junky, and wrote all his songs on the fourth morning of a week-long coke bender.  Listen here.


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