Tuesday, October 16th 2012: The David Liebe Hart Band (CMJ)


It’s the Fat Kid Booking and Scenic Presents CMJ Showcase!  Featuring:

  • David Liebe Hart, according to Wikipedia, is “is an outsidermusician, street performer, sign painter, artist, puppeteer and actor.  He is best known for his role as a puppeteer on The Junior Christian Science Bible Lesson Program, a Los Angeles-based public-access television cable TV program, as well as his appearances on Adult Swim‘s Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job!, performing bizarre puppetry and off-key singing.”  Listen here.
  • Philadelphia’s Glocca Morra make catchy indie pop gems with jangly guitars noodling up and down the scale all over the place with shouty vocals arpeggiating the tonic triad wearing sincerity on their polo shirt sleeves à la American Football, Cap’n Jazz, Owls or just about anything Kinsella-related.  Listen here.
  • Young Ladies aren’t ladies.  We don’t know if they’re young?  We can’t find a lot to go on; just their three tracks on Bandcamp and the brief bio stating that they’re “dudes who write music in NY.”  Simple straightforward loner garage rock, introspection and melancholia with a distortion pedal and a hoarse voice.  Listen here.
  • From the bio on The Scandalswebsite: “True to the hard, fast style that has long been associated with East Coast punk rock, The Scandals have a sound that’s gritty and raw, with anthemic hooks and catchy riffs. They’re a high-energy band that plays high energy shows.”  Listen here.

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