Tuesday, September 25th 2012: 7PM-The Golden Age of Radio // 11PM-Patrick Salt Ryan Presents

7:30PM TONIGHT (no cover):

  • Brooklyn’s The Golden Age of Radio pair raspy vocals with catchy minor-key guitar-driven rock.  If You Make It says of Get Awesome, their first EP, “Dual guy/girl vocals, bouncing basslines, aggressive drums, loud guitars and a synth underscore give the band a unique sound, somewhere between The Anniversary and Hot Water Music.”  Listen here.

11PM TONIGHT (no cover):

The last Tuesday of every month, Patrick Salt Ryan presents an assortment of musical acts including his own songsmithery.  Always free, always strange.  Tonight’s show features all of the following:
  • Patrick Salt Ryan is a troubled troubadour, howling boozed-up ballads all alone from a big stage.  These are slow but catchy melodies carrying words so depressed you can’t tell if he’s joking or not.  It’s like if Evan Dando was a drunk, not a junky, and wrote all his songs on the fourth morning of a week-long coke bender.  Listen here.

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