Wednesday, February 13th 2013: The Model Zeros / Sharif Mekawy / Victoria Levy / Scott Garrison


  • The Model Zeros:  “The Pioneers of Barnstomp.”  Wherever five-piece outfit The Model Zeros came from, nobody told them the acoustic guitar-driven country-folk’n’roll of the seventies never went out of style, and torn jeans and bandanas are still requisite parts of a rocker’s ensemble.   Listen here.

  • Sharif Mekawy Group:  Slightly bluesy, slightly jazzy, slightly grungy keys-driven alt-rock.  Think early Ben Folds on codeine reinterpreted by mid-career Wilco.  Lots of Rhodes.  Reminds us of driving through Kansas City at dusk for some reason.  Listen here.
  • Victoria Levy:  This Woodstock-born and bred, NYC-based singer/songwriter boasts a long and diverse resume.  Most recently she has recorded with Gene Cornish of the blue-eyed soul outfit The Rascals, and before that worked with En Esch and Gunter Shulz of industrial legends KMFDM in their project Slick Idiot.  Even before that she performed in Ari-Up with Ari Forster of The Slits.  Listen here.
  • Scott Garrison has been around the block, from working as a guitar tech for touring arena acts to fronting his own NYC-based ensembles to playing his own solid pop-centered rock songs alone on stage with just an acoustic guitar.  These songs are worthwhile, and stand up in both the solo- and live-band-settings.  Listen here.

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