Wednesday, October 17th 2012: Sudden Weather Change (CMJ)


  • Pitchfork says of Sudden Weather Change: “Although the members of Sudden Weather Change are apparently in their early 20s, they somehow manage to capture what it felt like to be an arty emo kid in high school in 1998.  Remember, ‘emo’ meant something very different ten years ago than it does today— Sudden Weather Change recall the prime of Sunny Day Real Estate or Cap’n Jazz.  At NASA on Saturday, their shouted dual vocals, twisty-turny guitar lines and time signature changes inspired a fervent mosh pit. And I’m pretty sure the chorus to one song was ‘I HATE NICOLAS CAGE!!!’”  Listen here.
  • Kaltehand / Natasha Waters, from their bio: “At first listen, one can be deluded by the mood of the album which seems to be drenched in a forlorn and bleak ambience. However, the melodies are punctuated with surprisingly uplifting elements and therefore give themselves into a gripping interplay between melancholy and a spirit of optimism.”  Listen here.
  • Absolute Punk says of Kiven: “At the risk of sounding cliché, what Kiven have created here is really something special.  Step is by no means a perfect product, but there are so many aspects of it that are just downright intriguing.  If there’s one band that ‘oozes potential’ right now, it’s Kiven, and this EP invigorates my anticipation for what’s to come like few other albums have lately.  Maybe it’s the fact that there’s finally a band bringing blues into alternative rock, or maybe it’s the spacey atmosphere I’ve been in the mood for lately. Ultimately, though, the specific reasons don’t matter as much as the fact that Step is just patently well done.” Listen here.
  • From“For John Blonde, singer of the band House Of Blondes, music is all about atmosphere, energy and sound, or at least that is the approach he and his band took when recording their debut album, Clean Cuts, released in early 2012. The electro-synth trio of Blonde, Synth player and guitarist Chris Pace and drummer and bassist Brian McNamara has a list of influences as long as your arm, but the sound it creates is distinctly its own.”  Listen here.
  • From their bio: “Since 2007 the band, Sidewalk Dave, has been tirelessly touring the North East with a rare blend of artistic Alt-rock.  They have played with such similarly inspiring acts as Deer Tick, The Low Anthem, O’Death, and more.  A relentless pursuit to challenge and entertain the listener has earned them generous national press: ‘Consider this The Beatles, on whiskey instead of acid or pot’ (Country Music Pride); ‘Over the past few years, approximately one zillion young musicians have put their own spin on a fusion of contemporary indie rock and American roots music. It’s quite a trick to stand out from that pack. Sidewalk Dave does’ (Fairfield County Weekly).”  Listen here.

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