Wednesday, October 31st 2012: The Everymen / Runny — FREE


The Grand Victory is finally reopening tonight, and the show is now free.  These musicians are busting their asses to get out here to play for you, hauling gear across clogged bridges in a city with suddenly zero public transportation, so please come by and buy some drinks, buy some merch and support local music.  Runny would definitely feel better about life if you chucked a can of Bud Light at them.

TONIGHT’S SHOW (no cover):

  • The Everymen, via BrightestYoungThings: “The Everymen’s unapologetically straight-up rock ‘n’ roll is a comforting thing.  And while plenty of bands make straight up rock ‘n’ roll, The Everymen do it exceedingly well.  On its full-length debut, New Jersey Hardcore, the eight-piece band can summon the ramshackle energy and romantic sweep of early Bruce Springsteen records one moment, the thrashy punk of the Replacements the next.  There is no shortage of anthemic riffs and squealing saxophone.  Mike V.’s speaking voice bears more than a passing resemblance to Craig Finn’s, but he sings with a wild man’s quivering intensity, something that most recalls Frog Eyes’ Carey Mercer.  Fans of the Exploding Hearts and the Hold Steady will find a lot to like here.”  Listen here.
  • Runny singer Lemon Cookie is a personal friend of ours, and we’re going to risk raising his ire by describing his band as a cross between Anal Cunt, Bloodhound Gang and the B-52s.  They are, after all, self-described as “Brooklyn’s best hardcore band.”  And they deliver such sage advice as “It’s the third dick you suck that makes you gay.”  Listen here.

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