Wednesday, September 26th 2012: Shy Around Strangers EP Release Show

8PM TONIGHT (no cover):

FROM THE FACEBOOK Event page:  “Their self titled EP, which was mastered by the late George Marino (AC/DC’s Highway to Hell, Bon Jovi’s Slippery When Wet, Coldplay’s A Rush of Blood to the Head and Arcade Fire’s The Suburbs just to name a few), was released this August and it is dark, yet fun and extremely pleasing to the ears thanks to lead singer, Emily Power’s, voice. Think Karen-O meets Shirley Manson and they jam with The Sounds!”
  • “The music of Shy Around Strangers is a hybrid-genre where the eccentric meets the accessible with a subtext of atmospheric textures underneath pop song structures, influenced by the nostalgic romanticism of early 80s New Wave, Goth and Post-Punk and the raw emotions of the early 90s” (from their bio).  Listen here.
  • Bikini Carwash describe themselves thusly: ” i am a four-piece, based in Brooklyn. My members are Lizzie Steelheart ( the Fakes, Whiskey and Whores, the New Professionals, Rev. Billy and the Church of Life After Shopping) on vocals, Carrie Kamikaze (Dirty Mary, Kissy Kamikaze) on drums, Andy Shaw (Metro Stylee, INDK, Morning Glory, Kissy Kamikaze) on bass and Matt Brewster (Igloos, Blackout Stereo) on guitar. I am punk, rock, power pop and bikini-clad! And I want your brains!!!”   Listen here.
  • The Primes are a three piece poppy girl-garage rock band.  They’re fond of polka dots, spectacles, hoodies and rainbows.  We just made that up on the spot after looking at the photo to the right.  Listen here.

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